1 measly second…

So after the joys of my 49.10 last week it was the pain of what could have been this. On Saturday I took to the start line of the YCF 10 on Hatfield Woodhouse, a course I like. Last off, a decent field appeared to have had mixed results through the afternoon with a Northerly wind with sunshine one minute and rain the next. Having scanned the board, it looked like the leading time as I left was a 21.59 by the ever improving Richard Sharp from York. All to do today.

As usual my luck kicked in after I started when it started to hail, but I started steadier knowing how hard back it would be. The wind launched me to the turn in less than 9 mins at an average speed of 32.9mph, but I knew the pain was to come. Once I started back the hail was bouncing off of my lid and the block headwind was like riding up a wall in places, but I felt good and kept it rolling. The last mile is really exposed and despite banging the power right up, I felt like I was riding through glue to cross the line on the garmin in 20.59. Quite pleased with that today! I returned to HQ to see my time was rounded up to 21.00 but Richard’s time had been put up wrong and was actually 20.59. Gutted! Don’t tell me marginal gains don’t count….

Having had time to examine my ride, I have to be positive. Firstly the temperature dropped from 43 to 39F during my ride, I had a good negative split in power, my power was decent (better than my 18.30 on the 718), and best of all I took Jacko’s KOM for the outleg! Comparing my ride to Richards I lost it all in that last mile. I was 20 secs up on him all the way around until that point so chapeau to him for such a great ride, he beat some very good riders today, not least the great Julian Ramsbottom. I think he is someone we will se much more of this season!

Battle of SSLL next week with 5 of us in the YCF 25. I’m pretty sure many others will be out to take the spoils.



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