SSLL Racing Team & ‘Tounge in Cheek Productions present’…

… How to beat Phil Graves

Superstar Triathlete Phil Graves has been making a bit of an impact on the UK TT scene in the 2016 season… 11 wins from 10 races, course records and PB’s galore he has beaten all comers… Only racing TT’s because he is run injured, Phil is single headedly handing there ‘asses on a plate’ (*quote Brett Harwood)  to the great and the good of the UK Time Trial scene…. But one man, SSLL Racing Team’s Andy Jackson inflicted the only defeat of this fantastic early season on Phil in the BDCA 25 on 9/4.

Jackson beat Graves by 32 secs with a time if 47:46

BDCA 25 2016 2

How did he do it?

A once in a lifetime offer, jointly promoted by SSLL Racing Team and Tounge in Cheek Productions aims to reveal all..

Aimed at Multiple National Champions, Medallist and Best all rounder winners this unique event will help you get the better of this amazing (tri)athlete.

We, at SSLL Racing & Tounge in Cheek Productions realise the mental impact of a defeat to a TT newcomer.  The mental questions, How?  Why?  what do I HAVE to do?…. all will be answered..

You have optimised your position using Aero-coach/ Wind Tunnels or Bike fits, you have the best bikes, wheels and hard wear money can buy.  You have wisely invested in the best Kit supplied by NoPinz, you are using the best nutrition and preparation products money can buy – But you still lost!!

Well… all is not lost!

Join us at a secret venue to reveal all… the tips, the tricks and the strategies that will help you get back to your best… and BEAT Phil!!!

After spending £K’s on the best preparation what is it worth?!

For the one off special price of £1500 / person we will reveal all…


(*All of the above is firmly in the ‘Tounge stuck in the cheek category’ of fun!)


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